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RER Founder's Club

What you get for $1000 


All benefits below are for LIFE. You only pay once.  Founder's Club is an investment in us and an investment in your love for good beer and your community.

You love socializing, you love this community, and you LOVE delicious beer! This is a LIFETIME (you only pay once!) membership that gives you the following benefits:   

  • EXCLUSIVE Founder's Club mug (Drinking Horn!)

  • Your Founder's Club mug can stay in the brewery! Just ask for it by your membership

number (assigned at registration)

  • One free beer a week... for life!

  • 20% off everything else for life!

  • A free birthday beer every year for life!

  • First growler fill is free!

  • early sign-up for special events (notification via email)

  • early admittance to special events like new beer releases... for life!

  • Founder's might be able to choose their own membership number (depending on availability).

  • You can bequeath your membership to someone who is 21(must be designated during registration)

  • Don't forget... ALL OF THESE BENEFITS ARE FOR LIFE. You will never have to renew!

  • There are terms and conditions regarding owning a Founder's membership that you will have to agree to before purchasing this LIFETIME membership. You will have an opportunity to read and agree to those terms and conditions before you buy this membership.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of the Founder's Club before completing the registration process. If you have any questions, feel free to email tim@reckemrightbrewinig.com or call/text Tim 830-998-6814.

Once you have agreed to the terms and completed your Founder's Club registration you can submit your payment via check as indicated below. Once your membership is paid it becomes non-refundable.

  • You must be 21 years old or older to purchase this membership.

  • There will be a Texas state sales tax of 8.25% applied to each membership order. 

  • Call to pay over the phone or come by.  The price does not include tax and tax will be added 


      or you can email to arrange personal delivery or pick up of the check. There is a          place in the registration form where you can choose which way you will be                    paying.  Once your registration is complete and your check clears you will                    become an official member of the Reck ‘Em Right Brewing Company Founder's            Club!


  • Depending on availability, you will be able to choose your own membership number.  Membership number requests are assigned according to the order in which individuals paid for their Founder's Club membership. If the numbers you request are not available we will contact you to determine a suitable alternative.


  • Your Founder's Club mug can stay in the brewery! Just ask for it by your membership number (assigned at registration). You might be asked for identification if our personnel do not know you. Your name and mug number must match in our system. You may not let others "borrow" your mug or membership perks and discounts. Violating these rules may result in cancellation of your Founder's Club membership.

  • If the mug is broken or lost while it is in the members possession, the mug can be replaced at cost to the member. Should your mug be broken or lost by RER staff it will be replaced at no cost to the member.

  • Higher alcohol beers and beers with high ingredient costs may not be served in your Founder's mug. Smaller, more appropriate glasses may be used.

  • Your Founder's Club mug may not be transferred or sold. You will designate a beneficiary of your mug during registration (below).​ You can change your beneficiary anytime by emailing tim@reckemrightbrewing.com.

  • You will get one free birthday beer every year, and you will get one free beer EVERY MONTH FOR LIFE. We will keep track of this at the brewery. Each free beer is valued at $5. You may get the the free beer for that month at anytime you wish on any beer. Lost or stolen tokens will not be replaced, and unused free beer cannot be accumulated and used for other months.

  • You will receive one 64-ounce growler with your first fill free. High gravity beer or beer with high ingredient costs may not qualify. Please see the current menu for a list of beers eligible for growler fill. You will get $3 off every growler fill for life. 


  • You will get early sign-up for special events (notification via email), and early admittance to special events like new beer releases... for life!

  • You get 20% off of all the Reck ‘Em Right Brewing Company merchandise and swag for life!

  • NONE of these perks are eligible on beer, food, or merchandise purchased outside of Reck ‘Em Right Brewing Company premises.

  • This club is NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Perks are available for the member only, not the entire group he/she may be with.


  • Don't forget... ALL OF THESE BENEFITS ARE FOR LIFE. By LIFE, we mean the LIFE of Reck ‘Em Right Brewing Company. You will never have to renew! If you agree to all of your terms and conditions, fill out the application below.​

Founder's Club Registration - Email tim@reckemrightbrewing.com for registration info and terms and conditions.
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