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Whats in A name


It all started in our shed, with a brew system my beautiful wife bought me!

Reck "em Right is a reference to our heritage. The word Reck, in English, means to have care, concern, or regard for.  This English word has strong influences from early Germanic and Danish tribal languages that have words similar in pronunciation and meaning.  My heritage and DNA can be traced back to those tribes, and true to the word, we wish to care for the beer, care for the customer and do good work for our community and the Texas Hill Country where I was born and raised.  Everything we want to do, we want to do "Right" and Reck 'Em Right!!!!

Reck "Em Right is also a nod to my alma mater's well-known slogan, Wreck 'Em Tech.  I am a graduate of Texas Tech University, something that makes me a part of one of the more polarizing fan bases in the nation. I am a good sport,  and also went to UT and North Texas, before I showed up in Lubbock for the remainder of my education.  We welcome good competition and sportsmanship, but we love our Red Raiders. 

I created my first brew in October of 2011 on a home brew kit my wife bought me for my birthday, and I have never looked back.  I have always had a love for good beer, but at the time that was the tastiest beer I had ever had, or so I thought.  Since then, I have developed many recipes, won some competitions, lost some competitions, but still feel like the product that we deliver to the public will create repeat customers.  

Reck 'Em Right Brewing Company (the concept turned brewery in late 2019) is a very small brewery (Roughly 1000 sq. ft. of public space) but we will no doubt produce some Texas-Sized beers.  Operating on a system with only the capacity of 3 barrels (single brew day) or 6 barrels (double brew day), we hope our small batches retain the "home brew effect" both in flavor, atmosphere and attitude.  

As a home brewer, my favorite time of year is Thanksgiving.  Every year we host family and friends, have a big feast and enjoy as much home brew as I can get ready and it's always a good day.  It's obvious at the end of the day that we are all thankful for an awesome family, great friends and nature's gift of allowing good beer.  Until we see you, I wish you Hygge. In Danish Hygge means a feeling of contentment or well-being which is regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture.  At Reck 'Em Right we translate Hygge into  enjoying the good things in life with good people, something Reck 'Em Right Brewing Company is striving to achieve.

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